Getting Started with Server Backup Manager

New to R1Soft? Here are resources that will be helpful to you as you get started using Server Backup Manager (SBM).

Getting Started

Become familiar with the key terms you will see when using SBM and talking to your account rep.

Find the answers to your biggest questions regarding SBM.

View details about the latest feature releases and product updates.

Ensure that SBM will run successfully on your machine.

Useful Resources

Submit a ticket or contact our support team through live chat.

Discuss best practices, tips and tricks with your peers.

View our official documentation on Server Backup Manager.

Read helpful articles from our team about working through specific issues you may run into.

View demo videos, product videos, and partner testimonials.

Configure and Manage SBM

Access instructions on how to download and install each Backup Agent.

Learn how to configure the features and settings on your backup manager to meet your needs.

Set up your backup agents on your Windows and Linux machines.

Learn how to manage every aspect of your system, from users and groups to recovery points and policies.

Learn how to customize, generate, and access your reports.