With Ben Thomas

As a hosting provider, you do a lot to add value and provide assurance to your customers - you use the best hardware, you test software extensively before deploying it, you harden and monitor systems against malicious events, and you take backups. But are you getting the most out of these offerings?

Join Ben Thomas, Product Director of R1Soft, as he reviews some key attributes of current system backup service providers. He takes a closer look at the system backup process in its ideal form and discusses how you can use R1Soft to get there, looking at both infrastructure and service levels.

During this webinar, Ben also covers:

  • How to build a premium backup service that adds value for your customers
  • What the Hosting backup landscape looks like today
  • What customers expect from their hosting providers
  • The value adds for backup services
  • How to build a premium backup service
  • How much you can charge for your premium backup services

Watch our webinar

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