Tools by R1Soft

Along with our Server Backup Manager we have built two lightweight tools. For more information on how to use Linux Hot Copy and Hyper-V VHD Explorer, visit the R1Soft wiki. You can download these tools today and use them as long as your heart desires, or request a demo of Server Backup Manager by clicking the button below.

Linux Hot Copy


Universal Disk Snapshot Utility for Linux Servers

  • Volume copy service for Linux takes point-in-time snapshots
  • Snapshots any mounted file system on most block devices
  • No special storage needed; uses free space on your disk 
  • Outstanding performance compared to LVM snapshots 
  • Readable and writable snapshots enable testing on your data

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Hyper-V VHD Explorer


Right-click Mount Hyper-V VHD Files for
Windows 2008 R2

  • Windows Shell Integration enables right-click attach of VHD
  • Quickly manage attached VHD files  in an Explorer interface
  • Command line utility for scripting VHD file attach/detach
  • Find and restore individual files from within a VHD
  • Run scripts and command line utilities on VHD file contents

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