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R1Soft The Big Book of Backup

The Big Book of Backup

A Comprehensive Guide to How Backup Systems Work

This comprehensive guide provides a thorough explanation of the technical functionality and terminology that is used on a daily basis when setting up or configuring a backup management system.

Along with providing a brief history of how the backup industry evolved to its current status, this eBook defines and explores:

  • Methods of Backup
  • Backup Technologies
  • Computing Deltas
  • Managing and Restoring Data

This is the perfect piece of content to bolster your knowledge of the world of backup, whether you're a seasoned sysadmin or a newcomer to the backup industry. Just fill out the form to get your copy of The Book of Backup.

What Else You'll Learn

  • The pros and cons of file- and block-level backups
  • Various techniques utilized by backup systems to determine data deltas
  • Definitions for the three main recovery objects
  • A look into the future of the industry
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After looking for two years we have finally discovered a high-performance backup solution
that until now did not exist and, most importantly, does not interrupt our busy servers."

- Zend Certified PHP Engineer, Helix Development