With R1Soft SBM, phoenixNAP Brings Powerful Server Backup to Far Ranging Businesses

Founded in 2009, Arizona-based phoenixNAP®, a global IT services provider offering cloud, dedicated server, colocation and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technology solutions, has always maintained a mission of providing outstanding value and service to customers using state-of-the-art technology.

The company has offered a number of different technology services and solutions since its inception – including colocation, public and private cloud management, hardware leasing, managed services, and more – and through it all, its partnership with R1Soft has remained an integral component in its portfolio of offerings.

“We’ve been using R1Soft for years,” says William Bell, VP of Products at phoenixNAP. “We initially sold it as a license because most of our customers wanted to manage everything themselves – that was the old model. Today, we’re actively selling Server Backup Manager as both a self-service and a fully-managed backup solution.”

R1Soft is recognized as the leading commercial backup software for Web hosting providers. Known as the fastest, most scalable, yet affordable Continuous Data Protection™ software for both Windows® and Linux® platforms in private and public clouds, R1Soft’s Server Backup Manager (SBM) is deployed by nearly 1,800 Web hosting providers and protects nearly 250,000 servers worldwide.

“The multi-tenant structure of SBM effectively allowed us to get our offering to market, plain and simple,” says Bell. “If we had to build a multi-tenancy aspect ourselves, or integrate the backup product into our portal in order to provide multitenancy, we wouldn’t have been able to launch the service we have today.”

Bell also appreciates the flexibility and scalability that SBM offers, as it allows phoenixNAP to present the solution to a variety of customers ranging from small organizations to large enterprise businesses.

“The application integration components are great – they allow us to scale the use of R1Soft from small and medium-sized business (SMB) to enterprise customers easily,” explains Bell. “The fact that I can back up Microsoft Exchange™ is very useful on the enterprise side, and the fact that I can back up a variety of flavors of Linux® is really helpful on the hosting side.”

Server Backup Manager also features industry-standard AES-256 encryption and includes a number of additional features that phoenixNAP depends on in its day-today operations such as disk safe verification and site-to-site replication.


“The application integration components are great – they allow us to scale the use of R1Soft from SMB to enterprise customers easily.”



“Site-to-site replication is huge for us and for our customers,” notes Bell. “Our customers often want multiple copies of their backups – such as an operational backup and an archival backup at a separate location – and SBM allows us to do that easily.”

And in addition to offering a robust set of features and technical capabilities, the ability to leverage Server Backup Manager on a global scale is something that phoenixNAP depends on – particularly as they look to continue expanding the business.

“We’re growing strategically,” says Bell. “We’re operating out of four locations today, with a fifth that serves as a large network access point for us – and we’re adding two more within the next year. Our ability to distribute R1Soft anywhere we want geographically gives us regional backup capabilities for our customers who are operating in multiple locations. That’s really powerful for us.”

“Our customers have data in their offices, in other data centers, and in our data center – and we need to be able to capture and protect that information wherever it’s located,” adds Bell. “The way that R1Soft is built, with an agent-based model, strong encryption, network support and more, really helps us accomplish that.”

And the benefits of SBM are not only helping phoenixNAP operate more efficiently – they’re also helping the company’s customers be more productive and effective in delivering services to end users.

“Being able to log in and get a consolidated view of all of the agents our customers have from a single pane of glass is a huge benefit,” says Bell. “They can leverage a multi-tenant console and create separate disk safes, add and encrypt customer data, and more – right at their fingertips. We’re giving them a cost-effective, centralized storage platform with a simplified management console that our customers can take to market as a pre-packaged managed services offering.”

And when the team at phoenixNAP team requires some assistance, Bell knows that R1Soft support is just a phone call away.

“The support from R1Soft is some of the most responsive we’ve received from our technology partners,” he says. “The fact that someone is available to get back to us and give us the information we need is really valuable.”


About phoenixNAP
PhoenixNAP® is a global IT services provider offering progressive Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions from locations worldwide. Our bare metal server, cloud, hardware leasing and colocation options are built to meet the evolving technology demands businesses require without sacrificing performance. Scalable OpEx solutions to support with the systems and staff to assist. PhoenixNAP global IT services.

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William Bell,
VP of Products, phoenixNAP




Business Challenge
phoenixNAP needed to find a server backup solution that offered multi-tenancy and support for a wide range of SMB and enterprise customers.

R1Soft Server Backup Manager (SBM)

R1Soft enabled phoenixNAP to launch a powerful server backup offering, and today the company continues to grow their business globally and support the backup needs of a variety of dataintensive customers.


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