R1Soft Server Backup Manager Helps Ningaloo Deliver Robust Backup, Peace of Mind

Ningaloo Network Solutions B.V. is a Netherlands-based Web hosting and IT services provider that serves the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) market. The company focuses primarily on organizations with 5-50 employees across a variety of industries – including financial, legal, manufacturing, and B2B.

They first discovered R1Soft at an event in Germany where Ningaloo happened to be shopping for a new backup solution.

“Before we started using R1Soft, we were using several backup solutions,” says Rogier Banis, Ningaloo’s Chief Technology Officer. “Each of them lacked one or more preferred features or required too much maintenance.” 

Ningaloo decided to test R1Soft’s Server Backup Manager offering to see if it could provide the functionality and ease-of-use that the company’s existing solutions were lacking. It didn’t take long for Banis to see the benefits of the R1Soft technology. 

“Since deploying Server Backup Manager, we’ve been able to provide our customers with a fast, low-maintenance and highly-secure backup solution,” says Banis. “We can simply rely on the product and know that established recovery points are both accurate and accessible at any time.”

R1Soft is recognized as the leading commercial backup software for Web hosting providers. The company’s Server Backup Manager (SBM) software, built using Continuous Data Protection™ (CDP) technology, offers the fastest, most scalable server backup for both Windows® and Linux® platforms in private and public clouds. 

By executing incremental backups at the block level rather than the file level, backups can be performed as frequently as every 15 minutes with minimal server impact – and flexible data recovery helps to minimize downtime and ensure individual recovery points can be replicated offsite and restored.

Since deploying Server Backup Manager, we’ve been able to provide our customers with a fast, low-maintenance and highly secure backup solution.”


“We have customers thanking us on a daily basis for recovering their files after being corrupted or deleted,” says Banis. “Even bringing back complete servers and virtual machines is easy thanks to R1Soft’s bare-metal restore capabilities.”

Banis recalls one instance where a user’s computer was infected with ransomware, encrypting all of their files and disallowing access unless the user paid the hackers. Fortunately, Server Backup Manager had no problem handling the breach.

“Because we were creating recovery points for this customer every two hours, we could easily restore all of their files – it was like the infection never happened,” Banis says. “The customer was very grateful.”

Even in cases where entire websites are at risk, Banis knows he can rely on R1Soft to get the job done.

“We run into situations where a customer will accidentally break something on their website or their CMS (content management system) will be hacked and compromised. Thanks to R1Soft’s hosting panel integration and MySQL integration, it’s a piece of cake to restore complete websites.”

And in terms of the partnership between Ningaloo and R1Soft, Banis is very pleased with where the relationship stands - and he’s excited about what the future holds.

“We have a great relationship with R1Soft. We look forward to continuing to work together.”

Rogier Banis has been in the IT industry since 1996. Follow him on Twitter @rlb1604.

About Ningaloo

Based in the Netherlands, Ningaloo provides customized solutions for SMEs. Services include Web hosting, network setup, server management, maintenance of both individual computers and corporate networks, and Cloud solutions. The company does almost everything in the field of automation and ICT.

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Business Challenge
Ningaloo was searching for a server backup solution that was fast, scalable, and secure, in order to replace the multiple legacy backup technologies the company had been previously using.

R1Soft’s Server Backup Manager

Since deploying Server Backup Manager, Ningaloo has far greater confidence in their backup and restore capabilities, and knows that client data is both secure and accessible when needed.


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