Why We've Chosen to Specialize in Linux

Posted by Mary McCoy on Nov 17, 2015, 6:00:00 AM

Why You’ll Find Us Only on Linux

This just in...from now on, all new features we release for the Backup Manager component of our R1Soft Server Backup Manager product will be designed strictly for Linux environments. We’re very excited about this future direction, for several reasons:

  • Technical assessment is better.
  • It’s less expensive -- there are more built-in functions because it’s open source.
  • There are lots of tech forums you can reach out to if you need assistance resolving problems or you want to chat with peers about using Linux.

An OS That Just Gets Better with Age 

Linux has been around for a long time, yet it’s anything but old hat.

The platform is celebrating a quarter-century (well, almost) as an open source solution. Linux is both a proven winner and – as we see it – the wave of the future when it comes to giving our customers the most flexible, best-functioning product possible.

What’s so great about Linux? It’s versatile and reliable. It’s open source, reducing the need for costly licenses. Even training is free. Linux allows customers to have software-based datacenter integration and management, and it provides a consistent foundation for users who want to incorporate more cloud-based services. That’s especially important, with hybrid cloud taking shape as the direction of choice for a growing number of enterprises.

Linux-based datacenter solutions help users reduce physical infrastructure needs (and costs) and reduce energy usage, at the same time ensuring adequate storage and data access.


What’s on the Horizon?

Earlier this year, Linux 4.0 was released. Linux continues to be a key contributor to tech industry innovation, in large part because of its open-source nature. The Linux Foundation calculates it would take 1,356 developers 30 years to recreate the code base that currently exists within Linux Collaborative Projects. No telling what the next 25 years will bring from this process of continuous improvement.

But there are plenty of opinions about that. The future of Linux is a popular topic of conversation among IT professionals, many of whom love to prognosticate. A few of the recent predictions we’ve read:

  • The platform’s ability to handle big – even massive -- data effectively will lead to a significant increase in business adoption of Linux, though it’s unlikely there will be a mass exodus from Windows.
  • Linux will continue to capture market share as the platform of choice for back-end services such as collaboration servers and security.
  • “As the leading open source operating system Linux is well-positioned to play an important role in bringing the benefits of new memory technologies to end-users.” So says Steve Moyer, Micron Technology’s vice president of storage software engineering.
  • It will continue to lead the pack when it comes to home and automobile automation.

In other words, the platform will demonstrate its value across myriad business and personal applications, in new and creative ways.

Our prediction? Linux will become even more up-to-date with features customers require, because it’s built by and for customers.

We're All in with Our Customers 

The reasons we at R1Soft prefer to use Linux are the same benefits our customers derive from this platform. We’re driven by the desire to provide individually-tailored solutions for our web hosting customers. That requires a foundation which is flexible, scalable and appropriately robust to meet each customer’s predictable needs and also handle their inevitable-yet-unpredictable fluctuations in data volumes. 

Linux enables us to continuously innovate on behalf of our customers, and that’s why you’ll only find all new R1Soft feature releases on Linux from now on.

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