When It Comes to Backup, Reliability Is Key

Posted by Ben Barker on Jun 25, 2015 6:00:00 AM


A few months back, we wrote a post highlighting the fact that 30% of people have never run a backup of their data. That number is staggering, but on the flip side it also means that 70% of people HAVE run a backup. What we don't know in all of this is how many of that 70% were running consistent backups on a reliable system.

When it comes to backup, reliability is a must have. What good is a backup system that you don't have confidence in it? If something goes wrong and you need to recover your data from your last restore point, don't you want to be absolutely sure that your backups have been running smoothly?

In the video below, Michael Brumlow, Lead Software Engineer, goes over a few things to look for when selecting your backup provider so that you can ensure that you're backing up on a reliable system.

Server-to-Server Backups

You have backups in place so that you can recover your data if your system fails, right? Well, what happens if your backup server fails?

With server-to-server backups, you're getting backup for your backup so that you can feel even better about your ability to recover your crucial data if something goes wrong. With multiple copies across multiple servers, you're getting the reliability that you need to ensure that your data is protected.

Let's say for example that your backup server crashes. Okay, no big deal. By storing your backups across multiple servers, you'll be able to run backups even though your backup server has failed without losing any data in the process.

The ability to have your backup systems communicate with each other allows you to schedule backups for different intervals on each server. As Michael points out in the above video, this kind of technology allows you to set your dailies on one server and your weeklies on another server. 

Backup Verification

What better way to test the reliability of your backup system than by verifying your backups? If you're not verifying your backups, you're essentially trusting on good faith that all of your data is being backed up correctly and stored safely. Backup verification allows gives you absolute certainty that things are running the way that they should be.

So, when choosing your backup system, keep these two major confidence builders in mind and make sure that your provider takes reliability seriously.Otherwise, you may end up between a rock and a hard place - or even worse, a user and their lost data.

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