Virtualization has changed the Backup Market

Posted by R1Soft on Nov 15, 2012 10:30:00 AM

If you haven’t already heard Idera has new Server Backup solutions. David Wartell has a blog post up before this one that explains how, to him, server backup should be like buying beer in Costco…. easy.

In making it easy, Idera has done away with all of the option choices that required some sort of Dell Configurator for you to find out what exactly you needed for your backup solution. Now you get just about all of the options included at one really low price. Like David says, sort of like buying in Costco.

But to me what has really driven all of this is virtualization. It has wreaked havoc with how to define what you need. Do you need to back up one server which is a physical machine? Do you need to back up a few virtual server instances? How do you define a server? How do you define a DB? Is it one instance of DB per physical machine? Paying for one license while running multiple instances didn’t make any sense at all. But on the other hand paying just for virtual instances is very different than if you have physical servers.

Something had to give here. We need a new way of defining what we need, pricing it so you are not penalized whether you choose to go virtual or physical. Idera Server Backup is the right answer at the right time. No more configurator. Just how much do you need? Stop trying to adjust all of the knobs and dials.

Backup should be a no brainer, it should be easy, it should be so affordable that you don’t have to choose what to backup and not backup based on how much it costs. It should be automatic. Now you can have all of these things. My only thought is when will the rest of the industry catch up?

These kinds of disruptive models are usually always followed by the “me toos”. Of course, after the first two or three the momentum can’t be stopped and the entire industry will adopt the same model. I predict that is what will happen in the backup market.

So congrats to Idera for being the first mover to disrupt this market, but remember it was virtualization that started it.

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