Backup Without Borders

Posted by R1Soft on May 31, 2013 9:00:00 AM



Much like the world in the novel and film 1984, there was a time when computing was neatly broken into three distinct monolithic empires— Microsoft, Apple and Linux. Yes, there were distinctions among different flavors of Linux, and even some old Unix variants. There were different versions of Windows to contend with. But between the three there was not much interaction. What worked in one empire, usually did not work in the others. Backup solutions reflected this reality.

Beyond breaking into distinct OS camps, the backup market was even more fragmented. There were backup solutions for databases, backup solutions for applications, backup for just data, configuration backup and on and on. How many different backup solutions could you manage? How many did you want to manage? Let’s not, for now, even discuss the cost of all of these backup solutions.

The good news is that much like that iconic hammer in Apple’s 1984 commercial, R1Soft's server backup solutions have smashed through these monoliths, breaking down the borders and bringing freedom to backup solutions.

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Backup in a Mixed Bag World

Posted by R1Soft on Mar 8, 2013 9:30:00 AM


There has been quite a bit written recently about the usually static world of backup undergoing sweeping changes. The post-PC era—with the cloud, app-centric strategies, virtualization and diverse operating systems—has put more pressure and higher performance demands on backup solutions than ever before.

In a recent article in Channelnomics, Rethinking Data in a Multifaceted World, the author makes the case that the old one-to-one paradigm of backup to server is gone. Virtualization imposes not only new opportunities for backing up physical servers, but also new responsibilities for backing up virtual servers. In another article on Channelnomics, author Stefanie Hoffman makes the case for the new priorities in backup. 

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CDP Quick Tip #16 – Exporting Files from a Recovery Point

Posted by R1Soft on Aug 5, 2011 9:00:00 AM

Today’s tip focuses on exporting files from a recovery point in CDP 3.0. This option is available with CDP release 3.12 and forward.

Beginning with CDP release 3.12 and forward, you can download a zip or tar archive file containing your Recovery Point data. After downloading the archive file, you can extract files or store the archives for future use.

Here are the steps to export files from a Recovery Point:

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CDP Quick Tip #13 – Recovery Point Archiving in CDP 3.0

Posted by R1Soft on May 20, 2011 9:00:00 AM

Today’s tip focuses on recovery point archiving for CDP 3.0 Enterprise and Advanced Editions, available in the latest CDP release.

In addition to your regular backup schedules, your company may need to archive data at certain intervals for internal and/or regulatory requirements.  For example, you may need to archive on a monthly basis.

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Hosting Control Panel Restore, Welcome to the CDP 3.0 Party

Posted by R1Soft on Apr 21, 2011 1:30:00 PM

New and Improved Product Release – CDP 3.10

Hey, CDP fans. Good news at R1Soft this week: hosting control panel restore and recovery point archiving are now available for CDP Enterprise and Advanced Editions. To get the full scoop on all of the updates available in the 3.10 release, check out the release notes. Herewith, the major highlights:

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