Backup in a Mixed Bag World

Posted by R1Soft on Mar 8, 2013 9:30:00 AM


There has been quite a bit written recently about the usually static world of backup undergoing sweeping changes. The post-PC era—with the cloud, app-centric strategies, virtualization and diverse operating systems—has put more pressure and higher performance demands on backup solutions than ever before.

In a recent article in Channelnomics, Rethinking Data in a Multifaceted World, the author makes the case that the old one-to-one paradigm of backup to server is gone. Virtualization imposes not only new opportunities for backing up physical servers, but also new responsibilities for backing up virtual servers. In another article on Channelnomics, author Stefanie Hoffman makes the case for the new priorities in backup. 

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CDP Quick Tip #21 – Best Practices for Restoring Entire MySQL Instance

Posted by R1Soft on Jan 6, 2012 9:00:00 AM

Today’s Quick Tip focuses on restoring MySQL instances more efficiently in CDP 3.0.  This is a key desire of many of our customers who need to restore a large number of databases.*Please note that this quick tip assumes you have the MySQL for CDP add-on enabled, as it is needed to lock and flush tables before a MySQL backup takes place.

If you are restoring an entire MySQL instance, it is more efficient to perform a file restore of the MySQL data directory than to restore databases individually. When databases are restored individually (see Restoring a MySQL Database), each row must be selected and inserted and this can take a long time.  In this case, we recommend shutting down your MySQL instance and restoring your MySQL data directory using the file restore feature (see Restoring Files).

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CDP Quick Tip #2 – MySQL Add-on: Why MySQL Backups are NOT Safe Without It

Posted by R1Soft on Feb 5, 2010 11:00:00 AM

Here’s a quick tip from the Head GEEK to help you ensure safe, fast online backup and zero business interruption for your MySQL database servers.

When it comes to backups databases require special handling, and MySQL is no exception. There are a variety of MySQL backup methods available and they all work differently.  The R1Soft CDP for MySQL Add-on integrates Continuous Data Protection® with an online hot backup (snapshot) of MySQL databases to provide fast, efficient and safe MySQL backups.  Both MyISAM and InnoDB storage engines require that tables be locked and flushed before a backup operation can take place. The R1Soft MySQL Add-on ensures that this happens and  carefully coordinates it with the point-in-time file system snapshot.

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What is a Volume Snapshot?

Posted by R1Soft on Nov 30, 2009 8:13:00 AM

Following up with my last post about why the CDP MySQL Add-On is so important to getting a good backup of your MySQL database I have been asked a lot: “What good is the point-in-time snapshot anyways if it’s not good enough for MySQL? What about XYZ application?”

Beauty of the Snapshot is in the Eye of the Beholder

I think it’s hard to talk about volume snapshots without talking about who you are and what applications you use.  If you are a database admin you have one view, a Linux server admin a different view, and a Windows server admin yet a third view.

Windows Server Admins

You know you need some way to get a backup copy of open files as Windows enforces file locking and windows application typically lock files for reading.  When you shop for backup software you are used to making sure it has some kind of support for backing up open files.  Before MS Volume Shadow Copy you may have purchased expensive third party tools like OTM (open transaction manager) to solve this problem with your backups in the past.

Linux Server Admins

You probably never thought much about snapshots or consistency of files during backup.  On Linux the root user can read any file it wants and at any time regardless if the file is being written to or not.  You can even read locked files. Basically you are not protected from yourself unlike Windows where file locking really locks files. 

Database Administrators

You know your database needs more than just a file copy when it comes to backup.  You perform a scheduled database dump at a minimum, you likely purchase add-ons from your Windows/Linux file backup vendor that supports your database (e.g. R1Soft).  You may even purchase a specialized commercial database backup tool made just for your database.

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CDP for MySQL – Why MySQL Backups are Not Safe Without It

Posted by R1Soft on Nov 19, 2009 11:47:00 AM

If you are using CDP Server and MySQL and you are not using the MySQL add-on module you better start.

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