6 Agonizing Problems with Traditional Server Backups

Posted by Mary McCoy on Jul 15, 2015 6:00:00 AM


You've found yourself screaming this, right? For many hosting providers, backups are a beast to manage, but an essential part of protecting sensitive client data. If you're constantly hitting your head against the wall each time you perform a backup, you may be using an outdated BDR solution. To better understand issues you encounter regularly, we reached out to Spiceworks, asking members what problems they've encountered when backing up. Do any of these sound familiar?

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New Study Diagnoses 30% of Servers as "Comatose"

Posted by Mary McCoy on Jun 10, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Servers don't just take up a lot of space. They also eat up a lot of a hosting provider's budget. When you're spending hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not more) on physical equipment, you need to ask yourself whether you are getting the maximum return on investment (ROI) in your data center.

A new study by Anthesis Group, a global sustainability consultancy, and Stanford researcher Jonathan Koomey finds that up to 30% of servers are in a "comatose" condition. That is, they are turned on and using electricity, but have not delivered information or computing services in at least six months.

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The Benefits of Continuous Data Protection

Posted by Ben Austin on Nov 12, 2014 9:04:00 AM

Let me quickly run you through a scenerio and see if this sounds familiar:

First you take the time to plan out your backup schedule days in advance. Then Friday hits and you stay at the office an extra hour or two late to set your backup to run over the weekend, giving your system all the time it needs to read through every bit of data as it tries to determine what has changed since last weekend’s backup.

If you're like the vast majority of organizations, you are amassing data at an exponential rate, storing it on hard drives that get bigger and bigger every year while maintaining the same performance and speeds. This means that those weekly incremental backups are going to constantly get slower and slower until that single backup window turns into a weekend-long fiasco, jam-packed with aggravating performance issues.

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Backup Without Borders

Posted by R1Soft on May 31, 2013 9:00:00 AM



Much like the world in the novel and film 1984, there was a time when computing was neatly broken into three distinct monolithic empires— Microsoft, Apple and Linux. Yes, there were distinctions among different flavors of Linux, and even some old Unix variants. There were different versions of Windows to contend with. But between the three there was not much interaction. What worked in one empire, usually did not work in the others. Backup solutions reflected this reality.

Beyond breaking into distinct OS camps, the backup market was even more fragmented. There were backup solutions for databases, backup solutions for applications, backup for just data, configuration backup and on and on. How many different backup solutions could you manage? How many did you want to manage? Let’s not, for now, even discuss the cost of all of these backup solutions.

The good news is that much like that iconic hammer in Apple’s 1984 commercial, R1Soft's server backup solutions have smashed through these monoliths, breaking down the borders and bringing freedom to backup solutions.

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Server Backup - If It Ain't Easy, It's Too Hard

Posted by R1Soft on May 21, 2013 12:00:00 PM

Recently we released version 5.2 of our Server Backup product. For a point release, it’s chocked full of new features and improvements. There was one overriding theme for this release, however, that inspired us in just about everything we added: Ease of use for the customer.

In speaking with literally hundreds of our customers we came to recognize that whether they are backing up to their own servers, to off-premises backup, or using one of our partners for backup-as-a-service, they take for granted that the storage capacity and ability to copy data from one location to another is pretty much a given in today’s backup products. How fast they can perform a restore is a great way to differentiate one backup product from the next. But ease of use was their single biggest concern.

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Backup in a Mixed Bag World

Posted by R1Soft on Mar 8, 2013 9:30:00 AM


There has been quite a bit written recently about the usually static world of backup undergoing sweeping changes. The post-PC era—with the cloud, app-centric strategies, virtualization and diverse operating systems—has put more pressure and higher performance demands on backup solutions than ever before.

In a recent article in Channelnomics, Rethinking Data in a Multifaceted World, the author makes the case that the old one-to-one paradigm of backup to server is gone. Virtualization imposes not only new opportunities for backing up physical servers, but also new responsibilities for backing up virtual servers. In another article on Channelnomics, author Stefanie Hoffman makes the case for the new priorities in backup. 

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Wholesale Backup – WTF is that?

Posted by R1Soft on Nov 13, 2012 4:30:00 PM

Not too long ago I walked into Costco to buy, well, the usual stuff anyone buys at Costco. You know, paper towels, beer, chips, diapers, etc. Sometimes when I’m in Costco I just sort of zone out and wander the aisles seeing if there is anything else I can justify purchasing at their discounted bulk price. Am I the only one that does that?

Well, while I was walking the Costco aisles with my family I got to thinking about how enterprise backup software is sold. You have the complicated bandits out there like Symantec BackupExec that have add-ons for disk-based backup, add-ons for dedup, add-ons for databases, and even add-ons for fast backup. Fast backup?… Really? I need to buy an add-on for that?… Crazy! It’s so complex you might need a reseller to help you figure out what to buy.

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We Are Entering the Age of Data Resiliency

Posted by R1Soft on Oct 17, 2012 12:00:00 PM


I saw a great article by Rachel Dines of Forrester Research in Information Week’s special report on Big Data. Dines makes the case that we have moved into an era where we can no longer measure data or disaster recovery. Instead we must measure data and IT resiliency. Our business models just cannot tolerate the downtime or time to recover. This enlightened line of thinking reminded me so much of the whole Continuous Data Protection (CDP) idea that is ingrained within our backup solutions.

In her article, Dines says that today’s “organizations must evolve beyond reactive business continuity and IT disaster recovery (BC/DR) to proactive business technology resiliency.” She goes on to define resiliency, contrasting it with recovery.

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Backup: Anyway You Want It, That’s The Way You Need It

Posted by R1Soft on Sep 18, 2012 1:00:00 PM

We have moved well past the point where someone should have to convince you that backing up your data and applications is critical to your success. Sure there are some last pockets of resistance out there—those few who may not be backing up their critical data. By and large, though, most organizations realize that a reliable backup solution is a must-have. But what solution should it be? And what is best-practice for using it?

When it comes to backup solutions you have a large menu of great choices. You can install backup software on either a dedicated server or a virtual server, and that server can be on-premises (replicated off-site, of course), off-premises, or a combination of both. Or you buy a dedicated appliance or other hardware/software combination that handles your backup needs.

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The R1Soft Support Portal Gets a Makeover

Posted by R1Soft on Sep 23, 2011 1:00:00 PM

Big news from the R1Soft Support Team:

In a continuing effort to improve the R1Soft customer support experience, we have launched a new Customer Support Portal that will help you find the information you are looking for, open and manage cases, and access the R1Soft Wiki and the R1Soft Community Forum, all from one web page.

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