This Week in Data (November 29, 2014)

Posted by Ben Austin on Nov 29, 2014, 7:00:00 AM


"This Week in Data" is a weekly infographic that aims to serve as a quick and easy way for our readers to catch up on the latest news about the people and organizations that are shaking up the world of big data, cloud computing, and all thing data storage.

This week the United States senate was thankful for server backup, Sony Pictures wasn't so thankful for its costly security breech, and Cloudfare showed how thankful it really is for all of its users on mainland China.

Check out our infographic for all of our big headlines of the week. As always, feel free to share with your friends and followers, or let us know about any major stories we overlooked this week.


 This Week in Tech November 29, 2014



Sony Pictures Data Hijacked


Australian Cloud Services


Cloud Adoption Report


CloudFlare's Chinese Data Centers


IRS Recovered Emails


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