This Week in Data (January 1, 2016)

Posted by Lily Teplow on Jan 1, 2016 6:30:00 AM


"This Week in Data" is a weekly infographic that aims to serve as a quick and easy way for our readers to catch up on the latest news about the people and organizations that are shaking up the world of big data, cloud computing, and all things data storage.

This week over 191 million US voters’ data was found exposed online, an updated version of Google Glass was announced, the Tor Project revealed plans to launch a bug bounty program, and microsoft pledged to protect users against state-backed hackers.

Scroll down to check out the infographic wrapping up the final stories of 2015, and scroll a little further to get the full story behind each headline by clicking on the links provided.



Voter Data Exposure


Google Glass


Tor Project






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