The Definitive Backup Quiz for Hosting Providers

Posted by Mary McCoy on Sep 8, 2015 6:00:00 AM

With yesterday being Labor Day, it truly feels like the lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer are coming to an end. Today, many little ones will stock their backpacks with brand new folders of homework assignments, pen "what I did last summer" essays, and line up at the bus stop to regale their parents with colorful tales of their first day back at school. 

Why should kids be the only ones who get schooled today? Kick off the work week with this short, twelve-question backup quiz! Just as the latest crop of pupils wouldn't be caught dead without a new set of #2 pencils, hosting providers must equip themselves with the latest in efficient backup technology innovation to scale their services and reduce data loss. Are you on the path to data retention or data detention? Play along now!

No cheating. 

Did you enjoy our quiz? Do you have any lingering questions? Leave a comment below!

Did you get any answers wrong? All of the questions in the preceding quiz were taken from our eBook, The Big Book of Backup. Download the comprehensive guide below to add it to your backup library. Even if you're in the Accelerated Reader class of backup knowledge tiers and received a perfect 100% (congrats!), you can still benefit from brushing up on these essentials. 

Download "The Big Book of Backup"

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