The Big Three: Components that Set R1Soft Apart

Posted by Ben Barker on Jun 3, 2015 6:30:00 AM


When it comes to backing up your data, you need to be sure that you're choosing the right solution. Your backup solution has to be fast, reliable and efficient in order to keep you data fully protected and your business fully operational. 

But how do you know if you're making the right choice?

"The Big Three" was created to convey the expertise of our industry-leading R1Soft team in short, digestible bites. With each installment, you'll be able to walk away with a few helpful pieces of information that you can apply to your current business practices.

Today's Big Three comes from Lead Software Engineer, Michael Brumlow. In this short video, Michael goes over three components of R1Soft's Server Backup Manager that set it apart from the competition. When selecting your backup platform, you want to be sure that your bases are covered. Michael explains the capabilities of R1Soft's product and how it has you covered.

Just to recap; there are many components that make R1Soft's Server Backup Manager a great fit for hosting providers of all shapes and sizes. The three components mentioned in the video are recapped below, highlighting the fact that Server Backup Manager's snapshot capability, multi-platform functionality, and unique Linux offerings set it apart from the competition.

Only backup changed data

R1Soft's Server Backup Manager has a unique, snapshot capability that allows backups to run only on data that has been changed since the last backup was run.

As you can imagine, this makes the process far quicker and less taxing on your servers. Instead of taking a full copy of all of your data every time you want to run a backup, R1Soft's technology is able to identify the data that has been added or changed and backup only those files. 

Drivers run on different systems 

The drivers that allow the snapshots to be taken can be run on both Windows and Linux systems. That way, if you're running multiple systems, you're not forced to use more than one backup solution.

As reported by EMC, using multiple backup systems increases your chance of experiencing downtime and and data loss. Using a single backup solution that supports multiple systems is a safer, simpler solution to your backup needs. 


Unique Linux capability

Whether you need to support multiple systems, or you are strictly concerned with a single system, R1Soft has you covered. At the current time, Linux dedicated servers aren't widely popular. However, as Michael mentioned, there is reason to believe that is changing.

There are many benefits associated with using Linux dedicated servers such as control, customization and affordability. For more reasons, check out Smart Data Collective's post on the Benefits of Linux dedicated servers. Why is this important? Well, R1Soft provides capabilities specific to Linux that other providers simply do not have.

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