Server Backup Market Spotlighted in Carbonite Acquisition of Zmanda

Posted by R1Soft on Nov 1, 2012 11:00:00 AM

Carbonite, a leader in personal computer and consumer backup and recovery services has recognized the important and growing market of commercial Server and Database backup and recovery. In order to move up the ladder into this market they have acquired Zmanda, who sells both open source and commercial backup solutions to the SMB market.

First of all congratulations to the Zmanda team. After many years of hard work, finding someone who values your company enough to buy it is commendable. As the stewards of the open source Amanda project, they have done a good job of keeping the open source Amanda available, as well as offering a commercial version for it.

I think the issue is that if Carbonite wants to climb the ladder into the commercial

backup and recovery space, offering solutions for servers, file systems and databases, does the Zmanda deal go far enough? Has Carbonite moved up a rung or two from consumer to SOHO, and even small business, but not really to the mid-market?

The price reportedly paid for Zmanda of 15 million while a lot of money, is not an exorbitant amount for a commercial-grade solution and 7 year old company. I think this begs the question of what exactly does Zmanda offer Carbonite?

At Idera (formerly R1Soft), we have been developing backup and recovery solutions into the commercial market for a number of years as well. If there is one lesson we have learned it’s that it is a very different customer, with an entirely different set of problems and needs in the commercial market than in the consumer market. Also, as you move up market those issues and must-have features become even more important, while also more complex.

Traditionally, it seems that it is easier for companies serving the enterprise to move down market to mid-market and SMB. They already have a full feature set and can then pick which ones best suit the needs of smaller customers. Companies moving up market often find what they have may not scale as they move up in customer size.

Here at Idera/R1Soft, we think we have the mix of experience, features and pricing to match the needs of the mid-market and SMB markets. We already have the scalability and feature set that has satisfied our enterprise customers. Offering what the mid-market needs at price points they can afford is something we have been working on for some time. We continually fine tune this mix as the market evolves.

We welcome Carbonite into the server market. Anything that brings more attention to why backup and recovery is vital is welcome news to us. We know there is a huge market potential for backup and recovery services. There is room for more than one market leader. A competitive marketplace brings out the best in all of us.

Stay tuned as we here at Idera/R1Soft continue to make our solutions the best choice for commercial customers.

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