My Top 5 Takeaways from 451 Research's Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit [VIDEO]

Posted by Mary Anne Halligan on Nov 4, 2015, 6:00:00 AM

My Top 5 Takeaways from 451 Research's Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit [VIDEO]

451 Research's Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit (HCTS) may be long-over, but the trends discussed during the three-day event are anything but! I was lucky enough to attend HCTS this year, joining over 500 senior decision-makers representing international cloud service providers, vendors and financial institutions. Aside from being held in electric Las Vegas, Nevada, the conference was packed with educational sessions detailing the cloud's role in web hosting and where the hosting market is headed. Here are my top 5 takeaways!


1) Cloud 2.0 is Here

Customers are driving innovation, rethinking how they architect and deploy new platforms for on-premise, off-premise, private and hybrid clouds. They are in the driver's seat of setting requirements and solutions. To meet their needs in the rapidly evolving IT landscape, are you listening to their requests and addressing their demands?

2) Cloud 2.0 Leaders are the Ones Who'll Supply Cloud Solutions

Moving nimbly to provide the best service for your customers, you have to lead the charge and create strategic partnerships. No one platform does it all, and customers want choices. They need to trust their partners and suppliers to make sure the cloud is fully functional, secure, scalable and reliable.

3) We can Learn from the Success of the Uber App

Ok, so who doesn’t want an on-demand app to scale up and scale down, be immediately available, and for a fixed cost? Hosting providers want to see on-demand pricing for their server backup solution. They need to ensure it's scalable and flexible, handling changing workloads easily and quickly. The race to develop the Uber App to monitor your business may be on, but you’ll need to get by with what you have today. As long as your “single pane of glass” monitoring solution is easy to use, provides you with the information you need and can be customized, you are good to go. 

4) 451 Research Created a Cloud Pricing Index

A lot of really smart people with economic degrees have developed a consolidated way to get the “market” price for cloud. Using this will help you take a look at the economics behind your hosting business. How much is your power? How much is your pipe? What is the cost of data centers? 451 Research's index will help you calculate how you much you should be paying to ensure your business is profitable when purchasing cloud technologies.

Do you subscribe the 451 Research? You can get started with their Cloud Pricing Index here!

In the meantime, check out our recap of their Web and Application Hosting 2015 report!

5) Containers are on the Rise

They are here. They are fast. They are nimble. Containers are going to allow cloud service providers and managed services providers to exchange information rapidly, spin them up and down and glean all kinds of data for their businesses.

What is this new technology, and how does it compare to virtual machines (VMs)? We wrote a blog post explaining containers and the opportunity for hosting providers!

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