Make Server Backup a Selling Point

Posted by Ben Barker on Nov 4, 2014 6:46:00 AM


In baseball, when center fielders dive for fast-falling fly balls, it’s because they know they have the left and right fielders to gather the ball if they don’t catch it. When police officers find themselves in sticky situations, they know there are always fellow officers nearby that they can call on for help. Backup comes in handy in many situations.

But when it comes to servers, backup isn’t just a convenience -- it’s a must have. So how can you make that clear to your potential clients, and how can you convince them that any extra costs associated with backing up their server data is well worth the price tag? It may not be cut and dry, but here are some good, clear messages to start with.

There’s so much to lose

You don't have to lecture prospects on how hard it is to grow a business. They already know that. But to put all of their hard work in a vulnerable position is just not a good idea and that's what they need to understand.

Listen, we've all passed on "protection plans" before, sometimes you risk it. Whether it's for a new laptop or a rental car, on occasion the cost may outweigh the benefit. But when talking about a business, their business, server backup is must-have. 

What would they do if they lost everything? Well, if they have continuous data protection, they'd probably just pick up the phone and be back up and operating in no time. If not, their reactions may be more along these lines...

Don’t start from scratch

There's nothing worse than having to go back to the drawing board, especially if you failed art in high school. If potential clients aren't backing up their servers, or even if they're only backing them up incrementally, they could be heading down a one-way street to that drawing board tasked with re-creating the "Mona Lisa." 

mona_lisa_r1softThe good news is, there's a way to avoid ever having to draw again. Continuous data protection allows for speedy backup as often as every 15 minutes. That way, if disaster were to strike, a business could be operational again within hours.

More than anything, you're selling a sense of security; you're selling guaranteed protection for your clients' businesses. There's no price on being able to rest easy knowing that in the unfortunate event of disaster, your business would survive. Where else in life is this possible? If there were a service that guaranteed your home protection from tornadoes or floods, wouldn't you want it? The challenge is making this clear to potential clients. 

The way to do this it is by illustrating the cost of downtime. If there is one thing that will make potential cleint's ears perk up, it's dollar signs. How long can these businesses afford to be nonoperational? Without server backup, they could be looking at devastating revenue loss, client churn and even employee churn.

Disaster can happen to you… No really, it can

Disaster can seem like a farfetched notion for many businesses. The, "that could never happen to me," approach is one that is taken all too often. But what if it does happen to you? This is the question that you need to be asking your potential clients. Come armed with testimonials from clients who have had disaster strike. There's nothing more eye opening than being able to show someone the repercussions of not backing up their servers. 

Without server data protection, a disaster could lead to a loss of virtually everything. Even with incremental backup, if businesses are only backing up their servers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, a disaster could mean devastating downtime and loss of data. Again, think about the COST. How much would it cost your business to lose a day's, week's, or month's worth of data?

In the end, server backup should sell itself. The problem is that too many potential clients just aren't aware of what a poor disaster recovery strategy could mean for their business. It's your job to make them aware of it.

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