It's Time to Take Advantage of R1Soft's API

Posted by Ben Barker on Jan 14, 2015 8:14:00 AM


If you bought a new car, would you utilize all of its features? Would you turn on the windshield wipers when it rained, four-wheel drive when it snowed, and the radio when... well, just all time time? 

Of course you would.

So then why, if using R1Soft's Server Backup Manager, wouldn't you make it a point to take advantage of all of its value-adding features?

There are a few areas of Server Backup Manager that tend to see being somewhat under appreciated and underutilized by the majority of our partners, but none more than the tool's built-in Application Programmer Interface (API). 

Server Backup Manager's API allows R1Soft partners to seamlessly integrate the product into existing billing or provisioning systems. In fact, you can do just about anything through the API that you can do through the Server Backup Manager interface, allowing you to tailor your end-user's experience with the system. Basically, the API allows for customization around the look and feel of the solution, the means by which the solution is accessed, and opportunities to integrate with third-party applications. 

What's more, it allows you to automate some of those important-but-tedious functions that come with being an administrator for any backup system.

A few examples include...

  • Deploying Agents
  • Reporting
  • Bare-Metal Restores
  • Restoring Files
  • Creating Users
  • Performing Disk Safe Replications

But you don't have to take my word for it. I recently sat down with a few of our internal API experts and asked them to explain how our partners can benefit from taking advantage of our API:


So there you have it. The API is the hidden gem of R1Soft's Server Backup Manager. To find out how you can best utilize Server Backup Manager's API, contact us today!

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