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Posted by Ben Barker on Feb 10, 2015 7:08:00 AM


We would all love to have a crystal ball that tells us what to expect in the future. Unfortunately, they don't exist. However, what does exist is a channel full of well-informed thought leaders who can make predictions on the future based on their past experiences. 

Recently, SingleHop published this infographic which offers a glimpse into the future of the cloud through the opinions of these thought leaders. Whether you've already hopped on the "cloud" bandwagon or are considering it, having an idea of the direction that the industry is heading could help in making key business decisions.

Will the cost of migration drop by 50%? Only time will tell for sure, but it certainly helps to have people who know the industry inside out giving their opinions.

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3 Questions to Consider:

Taking in all of this information in one sitting can be a little bit overwhelming. What do all of these 2015 predictions mean for you and your business? The following questions can be referenced and used as a measuring stick to determine whether or not you are in a good position in relation to the cloud as we continue into 2015. 

1 - Are Migration Costs Keeping You Away?

As Gregory Ness notes in the above infographic, the rise of automation should drastically lower the cost and resources tied to cloud migration. What was once an expensive and time consuming process could soon become simple due to cloud migration software.

2 - Are You Concerned with Data Privacy?

Kevin Jackson, of GovCloud Network, expects there to be national law surrounding cloud data protection. There has been much national debate about data privacy, especially with the frequency and magnitude of data breaches in 2014. Jackson expects those conversations to continue and for new protections to be available withing the calendar year.

3 - Who is Your Cloud Service Provider?

If you are currently working with a small cloud service provider, you may want to be prepared for change. Ray Gasnick III of Miles Technologies expects service offerings to mature. As the industry matures and develops, it could become difficult for smaller providers to keep up. This could lead to these companies being absorbed by larger businesses or disappearing all together.

It can never hurt to have an idea of where the cloud industry is heading. Hopefully this infographic will give you a bit more insight to the growth of the cloud in 2015.

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