IBM says the Future of the Midmarket is Managed Services, including Managed Backup/DR

Posted by R1Soft on Jan 31, 2013 10:00:00 AM

Last week, over on my Network World Blog, I posted an interview with Ed Abrams, VP of marketing and strategy for the SMB at IBM. Ed talked about the 2012 IBM Technology Trends report. Unlike other reports that companies publish to push their own agenda, IBM actually draws up their agenda based on reports like the Tech Trends report. It is both a podcast and an article, and if you are interested in the SMB and midmarket, go check it out.

For purposes of this post, however, I want to highlight specifically what Ed said about the move to the cloud and managed services. Like many other companies, IBM is betting big on companies of all sizes moving to the cloud, for numerous reasons. I asked Ed how SMB and mid-market companies deal with moving to the cloud, and how they get the IT resources necessary to do so. Ed’s answer was simple: Managed Service Providers. At least in IBM’s view, MSPs are going to do more and more of the IT heavy lifting. One of the areas that Ed specifically called out was backup and disaster recovery.

According to IBM, backup and disaster recovery is tailor made for all of the trends they see coming together. The cloud, virtualization, and Big Data all point to moving backup to the cloud and allowing someone who offers it as-a-service to do it for you. No need to get into the bowels of what to backup, when and how. Let someone who does this for a living do it.

Idera is all about choice. The new pricing model makes it affordable for everyone to back up their own servers. But they also have a thriving and vibrant partner program with literally dozens of partners who can provide backup-as-a-service built on the Idera Server Backup solution. You still get all of the same great features from Server Backup, with an expert service wrapped around it.

If you believe IBM, this trend is going to accelerate in the months and years ahead. So if backup is something you have to do (and we all have to do it), but you are concerned about your organization’s IT competency and resources to do it right, check out some of the great Idera hosting and service provider partners.

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