Hurricane Sandy Reminds Us of the Importance of Backup and Recovery

Posted by R1Soft on Nov 5, 2012 4:00:00 PM

Here in Florida, Houston, New Orleans or anywhere in the Southern US, we know how devastating a Hurricane can be. So our hearts and best wishes go out to all of those in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic who have been caught in the web of destruction that Sandy brought to that area. We know from experience the long and arduous task ahead of the folks there.

One lesson to be relearned is just how important backup and recovery is. Servers, virtual or not, live in data centers. Data centers can be wiped out in an instant. Whether it is flood, loss of power, fire or anything else, once your data is lost, it is lost forever. Unless, of course, you already have a viable backup and recovery plan in place.

The time to put one in place is not after the next storm or event. It is not even right before the next storm or event. The time to put a plan in place is now. You don’t know when the storm or event is going to take place. Proper planning can negate so much of the risk associated with data loss from natural disasters. Our friends at Channelnomics recently reminded us of the importance of planning ahead when it comes to data backup and recovery plans, as Hurricane Sandy headed towards the Northeast:

In today’s age where virtualization is ubiquitous, data transfer is fast, and solutions like Idera Server Backup are available, there is just no good reason why you should not be backing up your data regularly. You should also be storing your backups in a safe place, preferably off premises from primary storage.

This is not a commercial for just the Idera backup software, although obviously these are the solutions we think you should pick. However, it’s important to choose SOMETHING, even an open source solution. Your data is too important to risk.

Don’t let your data be a casualty of the next natural disaster. Put a viable backup and recovery plan in place now.

If you need help, contact Idera today. They can help you put together a plan and provide you the help you need.

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