How To Get the Most Effective Technical Support from Your Vendor

Posted by Mary McCoy on Jan 28, 2016, 9:33:22 AM


One of the key considerations in choosing any vendor for your web-hosting company is the quality and promptness of their technical support. After all, sometimes you need immediate assistance installing a new product or fixing something that has gone wrong. But truly effective “technical support” can go well beyond the simple availability of a call center.


Not Just a Source, But a Resource

Your server backup vendor should serve as a strategic working partner for your company. It’s the same relationship you strive to build with each of your own customers – a symbiotic association that benefits both of you. If you view vendors as nothing more than commodity providers, you cannot expect to get the most effective technical support, in any sense of the phrase.

Strengthening vendor relationships makes you a priority. That helps ensure consistently top-notch quality and timeliness of services delivered. When your vendor knows you’re in it for the long haul, they’re also motivated to be more forthcoming with the “little extras.” These are tools that sharpen your competitive edge. For instance:

  • They can help you maximize the value of their product in your specific environment, even as it grows and changes.
  • They can share their own experience and insight to help refine your business operations, not just the tech support basics. These are often the kind of tips and ideas you cannot uncover for yourself.
  • They know what’s cooking with other hosting providers across multiple industries. They can pass along that information, allowing you to benefit from it immediately.
  • Your vendor’s reputation and growth depend on continuous innovation. You can be among the first beneficiaries of those tech breakthroughs.

In short, you can capitalize on their wealth of knowledge – not only about how their own product works but about how it can work best for you, and how trends are changing in your industry. It’s difficult if not impossible to put a price on this, but the value to your business is obvious.

Getting all this support allows you to concentrate on building your business and interacting with your own customers, confident you’re offering them the latest, most innovative, most reliable hosting options available.

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Getting to Know You

Superficial buyer-seller relationships are a dead end. It’s in your server backup vendor’s best interest to meet or exceed your expectations, and they know that. But they can’t do it if you don’t communicate clearly. The more you and your vendor learn about each other, the more closely you can work to mutual benefit. 

Help them understand you. What are your most pressing challenges? Your business goals and priorities? Ask for and be open to their proactive suggestions, rather than only looking to them for fixes. 

Resist the urge to assign a single contact person. This seems simpler, but many companies find it creates a bottleneck instead. When more of your people know more of their people, it facilitates more effective technical support. It also promotes greater understanding.


Go the Extra Mile for Them, Too

Effective relationships are built on respect and trust. Presumably you believe in your server backup vendor, or you wouldn’t have chosen their product or service for your business. But that’s just the beginning.

Your vendor’s business is built in large part on customer testimonials and referrals, just as you rely on word-of-mouth to grow your business. Offer to provide a juicy quote they can use in their marketing, or offer to speak one-on-one with a prospect wanting to know about your experience as a customer. Recommend the vendor to your colleagues who serve hosting markets in other industries. Our awesome partner, InfoLink, helped us out by telling the story of how they achieved 40% increase in IaaS Revenue with Server Backup Manager. Read their case study here!

The bottom line is this: no matter how good your vendor’s technology, people still make the difference because relationships are everything. With the right relationship, you’ll get the most effective technical (and business) support from your vendor.

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