Hosting Control Panel Restore, Welcome to the CDP 3.0 Party

Posted by R1Soft on Apr 21, 2011 1:30:00 PM

New and Improved Product Release – CDP 3.10

Hey, CDP fans. Good news at R1Soft this week: hosting control panel restore and recovery point archiving are now available for CDP Enterprise and Advanced Editions. To get the full scoop on all of the updates available in the 3.10 release, check out the release notes. Herewith, the major highlights:

Hosting Control Panel Restore

Hosting control panel end-users can log in directly to the R1Soft CDP 3.0 Web interface using their own control panel site/ftp user credentials. End-users are able to restore zip or tar files of all their data.

This release of CDP 3.0 features hosting control panel restore for:

  • cPanel (Linux)
  • Plesk (Linux)
  • Virtuozzo containers (Linux)
  • cPanel or Plesk in Virtuozzo containers

Coming soon for hosting control panel restore:

  • Ensim
  • DirectAdmin
  • Interworx
  • cPanel Plugin (provides link to CDP Enterprise User Interface for cPanel users)

Recovery Point Archiving

In addition to your regular hourly replications with CDP, backups, corporate and regulatory requirements often require the archiving of data at certain intervals (for example, weekly or monthly). CDP 3.0 now allows you to define an archiving policy for your recovery points to ensure your retention requirements are supported. Administrators can set up recovery point archiving for a particular policy to archive on the specified hour, day, week or month; for example, you could set up an end-of-year archive.

Learn more about hosting control panel restore and the latest release CDP 3.0.

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