Celebrating One Year Anniversary with Newly Enhanced Website and T-Shirt Giveaway!

Posted by Mary McCoy on Aug 4, 2015 10:03:00 AM


NOTE: Due to the incredible response to our Tuxinator T-shirt giveaway, we've closed the contest. Thank you to all who participated and celebrated this exciting milestone with us!

I'll be back (up).

Today, on this the fourth day of August, we're excited to announce the launch of Skynet and more importantly, the launch of the new, more robust R1Soft website. What could possibly go wrong?

Like the T-800, we've improved upon the original. The new website release commemorates the one year anniversary of the rebirthed R1Soft. With last year's acquisition by Continuum and a full year of exciting Server Backup Manager (SBM) updates under our belts, we're here to tell you that the R1Soft brand you know and love is back (up).

Keep reading to learn about new website features and how to get your fins on a sweet Tuxinator T-shirt!

New Website, Same R1Soft

Trusted as the leading commercial backup software deployed by nearly 1,800 web hosting providers and protecting nearly 250,000 servers worldwide, our SBM business continuity solution combines advanced, block-level backups with Continuous Data Protection (CDP) to deliver clients the competitive advantage you need to grow and scale your business with a new revenue stream. Now, you can expect the same ease of use and functionality with our new website!

Partner Page

We're giving our partners increased visibility across the site, including the home page! Whether you choose to be an Associate Partner or Elite Partner, this page will get you started with the features and benefits of each package. When you become an Elite Partner, for instance, you'll have access to sales services and resources like Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs), demo assistance, and volume discounts. Additionally, once you're a member of our R1Soft Provider Program, you'll receive a company listing on the online Partner Directory. 

Click here to explore our partner page!

Resources Page

The partner support doesn't end there, however. We've also created a Resources Center for hosting providers and SBM users to explore our library of educational and actionable eBooks, guides, case studies, blog posts, and more.

Browse our collection of content now!

Find the Tuxinator & Win a T-shirt!


For those select few who are unfamiliar with the Terminator movies, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character must return from the future to prevent utter carnage on August 4, 1997 -  the day a program called Skynet is activated, unleashing an army of deadly Terminators hell-bent on eradicating humanity. Fans of the science-fiction thriller series may agree these robo-demons are enough to give you nightmares and make you watch your back (ups), but the Terminators rust in comparison to the arctic leader of the R1Soft army of penguins, known as the Tuxinator!

To celebrate the launch of the new R1Soft website, we're giving away these awesome T-shirts:


We've hidden the Tuxinator across our new website. We won't tell you where, but to secure your own shirt before Judgment Day, simply click around our new website and look for the Tuxinator. Once you spot him, click on the cold-blooded bird, and you'll be directed to a landing page where you can claim your prize!

Do you remember when Arnold promised he'd be back? He's made good on that having just returned to the silver screen to reprise his role in this summer's fifth movie installment, Terminator Genisys. Just like the latest film, our R1Soft backup solution is back (we actually never went away), and returning to you a new website with more intuitive navigation and easy to find information about trying our product, learning its features, and enabling users throughout their whole R1Soft web journey.

Celebrate with us, click around, and track down the Tuxinator!

Meet Mary! Mary McCoy is Continuum’s resident Inbound Marketing Specialist and social media enthusiast. She recently graduated from the University of Virginia (Wahoowa!) with a BA in Economics and served as digital marketing intern for Citi Performing Arts Center (Citi Center), spearheading the nonprofit’s #GivingTuesday social media campaign. Like her school’s founder, Thomas Jefferson, Mary believes learning never ends. She considers herself a passionate, lifelong student of content creation and inbound marketing.

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