CDP Quick Tip #6 – How to Backup and Protect MS Hyper-V Using R1Soft CDP

Posted by R1Soft on Jun 11, 2010 5:00:00 PM

Here’s a quick tip from the Head GEEK to help you with your Hyper-V Backups.

Did you know R1Soft CDP is the most efficient backup software for MS Hyper-V?

You can protect all of your Hyper-V Guest VMs with one CDP product install by installing the CDP Enterprise or Standard Edition Agent onto your physical server.

R1Soft CDP uses Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy to coordinate the CDP backup process with each one of your Hyper-V Guest VMs and their applications.
Restoring a Virtual Machine is easy.  Simply restore the VM’s .VHD file. Since you are restoring one large .VHD file, the restore will be very fast and you can accomplish this without having to use a Bare-Metal restore process.

Want to restore individual files from inside a Virtual Disk?
No problem.  First restore the .VHD file.  Then mount the .VHD file with our Hyper-V VHD Explorer Tool.

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