CDP Quick Tip #27 - Configuring CDP Product Features

Posted by R1Soft on Jun 4, 2012 9:00:00 AM

Today’s Quick Tip shows you how to customize the CDP interface depending on how (and who!) you want to use it. Choose from the following configuration options to set up your CDP environment based on your needs:

1) Only Administrators Login to the CDP Server (all users logging in are admins/super-users)

2) Multi-Tenant with Groups (Group-based administration – not recommended for service providers)

3) Multi-Tenant (User-based administration)

4) Tiered Reselling (User-based administration where customers can create their own users)

5) Use a custom configuration

If you’re just getting started with CDP, the initial default setting is admin only login (option #1 above).

Read more in our wiki.

Topics: admin, CDP Quick Tips, CDP interface, configuration

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