CDP Quick Tip #26 – Restoring an MS Exchange 2010 Mailbox

Posted by R1Soft on Apr 30, 2012 9:00:00 AM

Today's Quick Tip addresses restoring an MS Exchange 2010 Mailbox that has been previously backed up by R1Soft CDP. Due to the popularity of MS Exchange, this is a topic that interests many of our customers. As you may know, CDP provides the ability to take a snapshot of Microsoft Exchange. Since CDP uses the VSS Exchange writer, it ensures data integrity and consistency during the backup operation.  But how exactly do you restore individual mailboxes?
Here are the 3 steps for a successful MS Exchange 2010 Mailbox restore:

1) Use CDP to restore database data and log files. This requires choosing the agent and recovery point associated with the MS Exchange installation, finding the SQL check point file, data and log files (Enn.chk, .mdf & .ldf), and finally choosing the files/folders to restore and performing the restore to an alternate location.

2) Use Eseutil to replay log files.

3) Restore a mailbox using Exchange Management Shell.For detailed instructions on how to do this, including screenshots, visit our wiki.

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