CDP Quick Tip #18 – Backup and Restore Individual cPanel Accounts

Posted by R1Soft on Oct 24, 2011 9:00:00 AM

Today’s Quick Tip focuses on backup and restore of individual cPanel accounts with CDP 3.0 Enterprise and Advanced editions.

You can restore the entire state of your WHM server and all cPanel accounts from a CDP recovery point by restoring all files or performing a BMR. However, you may occasionally need to restore individual cPanel accounts; possible scenarios include when a cancelled customer decides he wants to reactivate, or if there were accidental changes made to any of the account’s configurations in cPanel. What can you do in this case?

Create periodic cPanel account packages that get protected by CDP

Use the script (provided here with instructions) to create a package of all your cPanel accounts excluding the /home directory files. The resulting configuration backup will be placed in: /home/cpmove-USERNAME.tar.gz and will be automatically backed up by CDP as long as you have selected the /home file system or disk in your Disk Safe for protection.

Restore individual cPanel accounts when needed

1. Use CDP (as the server administrator) to restore the file /home/cpmove-USERNAME.tar.gz to an alternate location (e.g. /tmp)
2. Login to the cPanel server using SSH and run: # /scripts/restorepkg –force /tmp/cpmove-USERNAME.tar.gz
3. Restore the contents of the /home/USERNAME using CDP file restore

Get the script and review detailed directions in our wiki.

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