CDP Quick Tip #17 – Bare-Metal Restore of Windows Logical and Dynamic Disks

Posted by R1Soft on Aug 6, 2011 9:00:00 AM

Today’s Quick Tip focuses on the steps involved in restoring Windows Dynamic and Logical disks in CDP 3 Enterprise and Advanced Editions.

A Bare-Metal Restore is the process of reformatting a computer/server from scratch after a catastrophic failure. In conventional methods, the process typically involves reinstalling the operating system and software applications and then, if possible, restoring data and settings. With R1Soft CDP 3 Enterprise and Advanced Editions, you can restore servers directly from disk-based backup. There is no need to first partition your drive and re-install the operating system.

There are 6 key steps to restore Windows Logical and Dynamic disks in CDP 3:

  1. Loading Agent in Recovery Mode and Installing the Server Key
  2. Restoring Windows System Volume
  3. Booting Windows
  4. Configuring Windows Logical Disks OR Dynamic Disks
  5. Restarting CDP Agent
  6. Restoring  Logical Disk File Systems OR Simple Volume File Systems (in case of Dynamic Disks)
Review detailed directions, including step-by-step screenshots and commands, in our wiki:

Restoring Windows Logical Disks: Learn More

Restoring Windows Dynamic Disks: Learn More

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