CDP Quick Tip #16 – Exporting Files from a Recovery Point

Posted by R1Soft on Aug 5, 2011 9:00:00 AM

Today’s tip focuses on exporting files from a recovery point in CDP 3.0. This option is available with CDP release 3.12 and forward.

Beginning with CDP release 3.12 and forward, you can download a zip or tar archive file containing your Recovery Point data. After downloading the archive file, you can extract files or store the archives for future use.

Here are the steps to export files from a Recovery Point:

1) Login to the CDP Web interface and select Recovery Points from the main menu.

2) Select the relevant Disk Safe from the Recovery Point list toolbar.
> Enterprise Edition users will need to select the relevant Agent and then the disk safe.
> Advanced and Standard Edition users just need to select the disk safe.

3) Select the Browse option next to the Recovery Point of interest.

4) Check the boxes next to the files and folders you want to export within an archive.

5) Using the “Download Stored Files” wizard, proceed with your download. You can specify zip, tar, tar compression with gzip, and filename as part of the process.

Review the directions, including step-by-step screenshots and commands, in our wiki.

Topics: CDP Server 3.0, CDP Quick Tips, recovery point

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