CDP Quick Tip #14 – Allowing Control Panel Users to Access Their CDP Backups

Posted by R1Soft on Jun 13, 2011 9:00:00 AM

Today’s tip focuses on hosting control panel restore for CDP 3.0 Enterprise and Advanced Editions, available in the latest CDP release.

As a service provider, you may want to give control panel customers access to their CDP backups to allow them to perform their own restores or download archived files.

Giving a customer access is as simple as retrieving the customer’s unique access URL, which is generated by the system when the customer’s control panel instance is added. Our suggestion is to provide this information to the customer in a welcome email.

A few notes on the hosting control panel URL:

  • The URL is a special URL for each cPanel, Plesk, or Virtuozzo server and knows which server the customer is on and in which Disk Safe his backups can be found. (Get directions)
  • The URL is automatically created by the CDP Server when you add the customer’s control panel instance.
  • After clicking on the URL, the customer will be asked for his cPanel, Plesk, or Virtuozzo username and password.
  • The customer can automatically restore his own files or download them to his PC.
    (*The user can only see files in his own hosting account.)

Server Backup: Learn more about retrieving your customer’s URL to allow him to restore or download files.

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