CDP Quick Tip #12 - Creating Volumes in CDP 3.0

Posted by R1Soft on Apr 1, 2011 9:00:00 AM

Today’s tip focuses on when and how to create Volumes in CDP 3.0 Enterprise Edition. If you haven’t yet checked out Enterprise Edition 3.0, take it for a spin today with a trial.

If you are a service provider using CDP 3.0 Enterprise Edition and your customers log on to the CDP Web interface to manage their own data protection, you need Volumes.
*NOTE* If your customers are not logging in to the CDP Web interface, you do not need Volumes. Simply create a Disk Safe and instead of assigning it to a Volume, specify a path on your CDP Server.
What is a Volume?

A Volume in CDP 3.0 is simply a “home” directory for your customer’s Disk Safe(s). A Volume allows you to control where on disk your customers Disk Safes are located and hides the actual storage path from your customer. You can also put a quota on a Volume to control how much Disk Space your customer can use.

Setting up Volumes for your customer:

  1. Create a Power-User for your customer in CDP 3.0 Enterprise Edition
  2. Create a Volume and assign the Power-User you created to the volume
  3. Create one or more Agents for your customer and assign your customer’s Power-User to those Agents
  4. Now your customer can login to CDP 3.0 and create Disk Safes and Policies for their Agents
About Volume Quotas

When defining a quota for a Volume you have two choices of quota type:

  • Size of Deltas in Disk Safe: Only counts the actual compressed size of block-level deltas that make up your customers’ recovery points. Overhead in the Disk Safe files and unused portions of the Disk Safe that will be recycled are not counted against the quota. [This is the recommended setting.]
  • On-Disk Size: The actual size on-disk of all files in the Disk Safe path count against the quota.

You can also can set hard and soft quotas for your customers:

  • Soft Quota: Once the soft quoate has been reached, your customer will receive an alert that disk space is low upon running backups.
  • Hard Quota: Backups will fail to start once the hard quota has been reached.

Get more details about creating Volumes for your customers

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