Cave Paintings, Backup, and the Art of Replication

Posted by Mary Anne Halligan on Oct 1, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Lascaux Cave in France

During the stone age, humans used the most advanced tools available - charcoal, sticks and dye - to record their stories. Two outstanding examples of this cave artwork is found in France, at the Lescaux and Chauvet Caves. These priceless, original treasures have drawn visitors from all over the globe to get a peek at what and how ancestral humans were recording their daily lives.   .   

The original Lescaux Cave in Dordogne was discovered way back in 1940. It was open to the public for 15 years but was closed due to degradation by humidity, body heat and carbon dioxide produced by the visitors. With this priceless treasure disappearing, Archeologists and historians came up with a brilliant strategy to  preserve this art for generations to come - back it up with an exact replica!

The Lescaux cave replica was opened to the public in 1983 and is an exact copy of the original. Artists and digital technicians had to precisely copy every inch of the cave in order to preserve the integrity of the replica.

More recently, a second location of cave paintings was discovered in 1994, now widely known as the Chauvet Cave. Learning from previous experiences,  the Chauvet cave was never open to visitors. The first priority was to build a replica of the Chauvet cave so that visitors could experience the full impact of seeing artwork. Even with modern technology, it took eight years to create the exact replica of the art that is believed to be more than 32,000 years old.

What's the connection?

So, aside from being really cool, what does this have to do with servers and data? Creating exact copies, backed up in a second location, is precisely what R1Soft Server Backup Manager software achieves. Using block-based technology, it creates exact replicas and remotely store the copies in hopes of preserving all of the information on your servers.

One advantage that we may have on the engineers who built the vast cave replica in France is extreme speed and efficiency. As opposed to the eight years it took to create a backup of the Chauvet Cave, our technology allows you to efficiently create and update an exact replica of your server as often as every 15 minutes.

And like the previously tested process of cave replication, our solution is proven to be reliable, with more than 250,000 servers currently being protected. Whether it's ancient cave drawings or your clients' mission-critical data, efficient replication is a key to preserving some of the most valuable information in the world. Don't wait until human error or natural disasters set you back. Follow the lessons learned by the Lescaux Cave team and protect yourself from a massive data loss. 

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