A Chicken In Every Pot, A Car In Every Garage and Every Server Backed Up

Posted by R1Soft on Dec 4, 2012 11:30:00 AM

There has been a lot of press coverage and buzz about the release of the new Idera Server Backup product. With the release of Server Backup 5.0

Idera thinks it is time that we stop trying to only back up “important servers”. In today’s fast paced, data packed world all servers are important. Whether they are stood up for years, months or even days, data is just too important to not back up.

With virtualization we have seen a massive explosion in the number of servers being deployed. Unfortunately with the cost of server backup what it was, this meant that too many organizations had to make the choice of whether or not a server warranted being backed up or not.

It should not have to be that way though. Today’s information-centric business climate demands that we back up as much as we can. It also demands that we can’t just rely on the old daily backup done at 3:00am. Data has grown much more dynamic.

This is really the premise behind the new Idera Server Backup 5.0. It is affordable enough that organizations no longer have to pick and choose which servers are of a high enough value to back up. Virtual or physical, the price points make it so you no longer have to pick and choose which are worthy of backup.

Also building on in its Continuous Data Protection (CDP) heritage, backup with Idera is dynamic enough to keep up with the fast paced world of today’s Big Data driven enterprises. Important data is changing all the time today. Taking a snapshot every 24 hours just won’t do anymore.

Perhaps most important of all, Idera Server 5.0 is so easy that you don’t need a DR team to run it. You can download and run the software yourself. Of course you can still have a DR team do it for you. You can also consume it as a service from one of many service provider partners. But the product team has designed the product so that great server backup with the most important features is easy and fast to set up.

These three factors taken together promise a disruptive revolution in the backup industry. Paraphrasing what was once written about Bruce Springsteen, “I have seen the future of Backup, it is Idera Server Backup 5.0”. It is a new time in the world of backup and Idera Server Backup 5.0 is leading the way.

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