30% of People Have Never Backed Up; Let's Change That

Posted by Ben Barker on Mar 25, 2015 5:30:00 AM


Backup is important no matter who you are. Of course, some files are more important than others, but nobody likes losing their data. March 31 is World Backup Day, and according to the website, 30% of people have NEVER performed a backup of their data. Pretty staggering statistic, huh?

World Backup Day should serve as a time to backup your data, but also as a time to spread awareness about the importance of data protection. You may understand the risks that come along with expanding backup windows, but do your end clients? I'm willing to bet that web hosting providers don't often play into that 30% of the population that has never performed a backup. With World Backup Day approaching, take some time to make data backup a selling point and emphasize its importance to those who might not realize it.

Why is Data Backup Important?

Again, this question isn't aimed at you. We get it, you know that backup is important and you're probably performing routine backups of your data to ensure business continuity. Take a minute to give yourself a nice little round of applause. But what would your clients say if you asked them this same question? Even those that understand that backing up data is important may not truly understand why its important. 

One way to help bridge this gap is to have them start writing down a list of their important files. Once that list is created, ask them what they'd do if everything on it was deleted. Right now. 

If they truly understand the importance of backups and have been performing them regularly, they'll probably tell you that they'd simply restore the data from their last backup. However, I'd be willing to bet that a handful of them would reply with something along the lines of, 'I'd be in big trouble." 

Getting someone to actually see everything that they could lose can be eye opening. 

You've Got to Start Somewhere

It can be a little bit overwhelming to ask someone who isn't used to running backups to begin performing full backups of all of their data regularly. It is, however, possible to ease them into the process. With World Backup Day approaching, there's no better time to help someone dip their toes in the water. 

Perhaps they can plan on backing up all of the items on the list that they built out when asked to write down their important files. Coming up with a strategic plan for backing up files can help jump start the process when the time comes. In fact, Greg Schulz of Sys-Con Media shared his list of "things to do" on World Backup Day. 


Working off of a list like this is a good way to get started and to make sure you're covering all of the important bases when World Backup Day rolls around. Of course, you should be backing up your data more than one time per year, but this is a great place to start.

Don't Stop There!

If you feel like you've opened someone's eyes to the importance of data protection, your job isn't done. From there, you've got to convince them to perform regular backups. Help them to understand that there are methods available that make backing up data a quick and simple process. While their first backup might be a little bit of a time sucker, if they utilize solutions that provide continuous data protection, they'll only need to backup new or changed data, making the process much less taxing and more manageable. 

For someone who has seen the downside of not performing regular backups, hearing that 30% of people have never once backup up can be frustrating. Let's use World Backup Day as a way to start shrinking that bloated number.

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