10 Books and Sites Hosting Providers Should Add to Their Fall Reading Lists!

Posted by Mary Anne Halligan on Sep 3, 2015, 9:34:48 AM

Ahhh, the change of seasons. Leaves are starting to fall, days and evenings will get cooler . . . it’s perfect weather to curl up with a good business management book. Or to spend some time catching up with your peers and the latest industry news online.

Why do that? Your web hosting company and your very small business customers face many of the same challenges. It takes the same combination of perspective, skill and business savvy to make your business grow and thrive as they need to grow theirs. You aren’t simply a service provider, you’re “one of them.” And that can make you a powerful business partner.

So while you’re doing something for yourself this fall, you’re also doing something valuable for your business -- making yourself more relatable to your customers.

What should you read? Where should you network? Here are our Top 10 Must-Haves for Fall -- 5 books and 5 websites.

Recommended Reading

How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie

First published in 1936, this is definitely an oldie-but-goodie, but it’s still applicable today. What can we say? Winning friends and influencing people still goes to the heart of successful business management. And, for that matter, successful relationships of other types, as well.

Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, by Sheryl Sandberg

Ladies, this one’s for you. Sheryl Sandberg didn’t make it to COO of Facebook without developing some serious insight about professional achievement and personal fulfillment, and she shares it all in this practical, powerful read.

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, by Carol Dweck

Everybody talks about motivation, but what is it, really? Stanford’s Dweck says it’s your mindset that drives your approach to situations and opportunities. Her own research led to this conclusion, and you can learn from it, too. Your mind is a beautiful thing when it comes to achievement.

The Leadership Handbook: 26 Critical Lessons Every Leader Needs, by John C. Maxwell

Effectively leading others starts with learning to lead yourself – and that starts with taking risks and learning from failure. Maxwell offers 26 proven strategies to help you assess risks more effectively.

Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World, by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler.

Ray Kurzweil (tech inventor, founder of SingularityU and FatKat, Google’s Director of Engineering) said it best: “If you read one business book in the twenty-first century, this should be the BOLD.”


Recommended Sites for Networking

Web Host Industry Review - LinkedIn

Considered one of the foremost authorities in the web hosting and cloud industry, WHIR offers industry news, conversations with thought leaders, blogs by industry experts and local networking events.

Web Hosting Talk

WebHosting Talk offers a wide range of forums, including groups for IT professionals interested in Industry Announcements, Web Hosting, Managed Hosting & Services, Hosting Security & Technology and myriad other pertinent topics.

TechRepublic Community

TechRepublic says their free community of IT experts helps you “seek advice, share your knowledge, brainstorm, shoot the breeze and enjoy the camaraderie of your IT peers.” And isn’t that the very definition of networking.

TED Talks Discussion Group - LinkedIn

TED Talks have become fabulously popular. Join these 10,000+ people who want to delve deeper into their favorite Talks subjects. You’ll be inspired, and who knows what that might lead to?

Entrepreneur Magazine - LinkedIn

Request to join this group, then network with more than 40,000 others focusing on “entrepreneurialism, small business management and business opportunities.”


There you have it. Ten opportunities to read, chat, partake, contribute. Ten opportunities to make this the fall you become more insightful and more inspired.

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